I thought maybe a significant sign would appear,
A momentous apparition of incisive clarity within,
An assurance of deliverance solidified within my soul.
I thought with a searing heat I would be informed,
An overwhelming assurance would infuse my essence,
From a mountaintop, tablets would be delivered to me.
Sadly. I find myself at the end lost in the fog of a fen
Left only with the continuing pangs of human faith,
Left only with the efforts of a simple man to the finish.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Jere: A sharing of my own thoughts and experiences as I approach the crossing over.

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Bless Bless

Bless Bless

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Wow!  Thanks for the comment

Wow!  Thanks for the comment in the author notes.  I have been struggling with such moments since the prognosis of surgery that carries with it a significant risk.  The last two lines are especially descriptive of the "mood" i have encountered these last couple of weeks.


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I have been at this point 3 times in my life.  The irony is when I see that I am going to live on for quite a while and will have to go through the process again.  --   Stephen