Like the incredible shrinking man at the very end,

Standing alone with a quiet acceptance of his fate,

The surreal acquiescence of its certain finality is faced

With an uncertain hope that death is only a bridge,

A conduit into a gratifying expanse on the other side.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoughts upon my doctor discovering a swelling, an inflamation on my prostate, which of course gives rise to the possiblility of cancer.

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I am sorry to hear this, and

I am sorry to hear this, and will be praying for a good outcome.  The bloodclot that is still in my chest, and which caused the stroke at work a month ago, has been a blessing in that it has given me pause to think of the greater questions, and answers, in life; and that death is a bridge, and not---forgive the pun---a dead end.  


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Hugss and prayers xo 

Hugss and prayers xo 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Thank you from the heart

I will see the specialist within a months time.  Hopefully it will be nothing.  However, I am resigned to see whatever comes as a new adventure in life.  ---   Stephen

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This is an excellent

This is an excellent attitude, and one I will try to keep in mind when I meet with the surgeon next Tuesday.  Thanks for sharing.  You have really helped me.