Fatigued by wild-eyed children,

The tot’s eyes glazed over with sugar,

Parents stared with exhausted gazes,

Pitiful elephants with floppy ears

Sashaying around the ring,

Foolish clowns with floppy feet

Flaunting frivolous grins on painted faces.


The air perfumed with an aroma

Of arrogance and self-importance,

The lion tamer entered the cage,

His whip taunting the lion,

His lips smirking with contempt

For the once proud beast

Now subjugated in the ring.


Children gasped in unison,

Wide-eyed jaws shrieking

At the cracking of the whip,

The lion yawning at the whip’s snap

Silently leaping on padded paws

Delicately maneuvering his magnificent body

Through the fires of the burning hoops.


In the shadows of the lion’s eyes,

I spied a detached, nonchalant glance,

A gaze belying memories of instincts

Long-ago mislaid along the path of indignity

Sharing with me in that moment

A long forgotten primordial longing,

A craving, that the man be devoured.


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