I wonder why love comes so naturally with you

Like picking flowers or a languid afternoon stroll,

Reveries of the softness of your touch warming my depths

As the warmth of the sun on Dahlias in the spring,

The memory of the fragrance of you fresh from the taking

As the aroma of flowers bruised from the picking,

The memory of the softness of your caress fading

As moisture upon the earth after a gentle rain.


Sometimes I think of you deliciously

The memory of your kiss lingering on my lips

As a delicate after dinner wine

Lightly savored with sated breath,

Your softness still loitering on my lips

As rain lightly lingering on petals of a flower,

Your breath softly strewn on my whiskers

As hot dew clinging to leaves of grass.


I love the memory of your voice whispering

Emotions surrendered to the universe,

As the whispering of a cool breeze

On a field Lilacs in the wonder of bloom,

The delight of fanciful feelings

Rendered by the merest caress,

An embrace gently bestowed,

Lingering longingly, long beyond your touch.




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