Obscure emotions lurk

In the very depths of my soul,

Lingering like lost derelicts drunk,

Loitering, latently lingering in repose,

Staggering, awaiting their release,

Languidly waiting, waiting.


Mysterious emotions dawdle

In the very depths of my psyche

As from the belfry of my mind

Their bewildered bells toll

A cosmic cadence of yearning,

A song of longing emotions.


A vista of memories unresolved,

A panorama of emotions confront me,

Crossing the breadth of my psyche,

A soft soul sickness permeating my being,

A melancholic malaise saturating my soul

As I search the abyss of frenzied feelings.


A stream of consciousness unfurling

Steamy sequels to emotions long lost

Within the expanses of my being,

On this sordid surreal slate

My mind etches tangled tragic tabloids

As manic magical mysteries unfold.


In the sultry silence of the night,

Within the wasteland of my soul,

My mind conjures psychic cyclones,

Whimsical whirlwinds of exotic emotions,                                                          

Manic feelings out of control

Where insipid insanity spawns.




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