@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; A Poem For BoyFriends Who Are Couples, To Celebrate Homogenous Love

Welcome him, manually and pedally;

receive him at the north and south entrances,

invite his presence into yours;

enclose him as his love encloses yours:

no part of him left unkissed or uncaressed;

banish all hesitant inhibition;

every aspect of the love he needs must be expressed

with a delighting precision,

bringing the peak of his pleasure to completeness

with the sevenfold surge that launches

his fragrant and flavorful sweetness

into the arc of its release

(the whole must not be delayed for a part or a piece).

Enter, with him, Love's intimacy

with the utmost urgence;

and there, your soul with his will achieve convergence

in homogenous and transcendent ascendancy.

Despite some local storms that require weathering,

they will fall and faill beneath the soar of your Love's togethering

into the largesse of the ultimate cosmic sufficiency.


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