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For we have seen His star in the East,

and have come to worship Him.

---Matthew 2:2

Come, let us worship . . .

---LXX Psalm 94:6

The Star that announced Christ's Nativity, 

and guided the Magi on their search

for Him, now represents (to me,

by means of metaphor and simile)


the Holy and Apostolic Orthodox Church.

An Orthodox Christian, Januarian

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The centerpiece of your inner

The centerpiece of your inner journey, the emblem of your guiding light, your return to the beginning of who you really are, the Kingdom of God within.


How stirring that the Star and the path to your awakening are one. This, truly, is an inspiration. 

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Thank you.  I have been

Thank you.  I have been praying for this kind of realization since January.  It just placed itself before me this afternoon.  No fireworks, just an experience like the still small voice Elijah heard. That still small voice commanded the Universe into existence; and led me to this poem.  

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.



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I'm glad you were listening.

I'm glad you were listening. Very meaningful work.