@ 27.055 MHz: Les Bois!; The Offered Consolation

(for the Beauty of JustBelievin', by his handle)

Softnesses of your long dreads, now released

from the societal imposition of that required tie,

cascade over the beauty of your slender nakedness

which is nuanced by that pair of metallic blue dress

socks---mostly sheer, except the opaque heels and toes.

Privations of prejudiced perfidy cannot prevail

upon this place and time of privacy,

of intimacy,.

Relax, recline back, and enjoy the thrum and

pulsation of the gnomon which traces, as in the

light that illumines a sundial, the vivacity

of the homogenous vitality

that exists and frolics within you.

Four metropolitans consist to pulchritude within you:

Monrovia and Stockholm, Port-au-Prince and Kyev---

your four grandparents' two marital longevities

that were, even in that generation, defiant

of the covert atrocities

inherent in the established pomposities.

Let my kisses and caresses

deliver to you all manner of tendernesses;

until, at the peak of pleasure's completeness

you release in seven surges your warm sweetness---

its fragrance and taste an intensity

that I will receive most eagerly,

most delightedly.


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