@ 27.055 MHz: Les Bois!; Risque Tale Of The Photographer And His Model Subject

Although almost three times your age (now that

you have reached, just recently, the day of your

legal consent and with it the rights to let your hair

extend beyond its present shoulder length; to dislike

all shoes and most shirts; and to love whom you choose,

despite the imposition of parental expectations and

objections), the photographer feels, in your presence, a

resurgence of his own adolescence (so long ago), and of a

new inspiration, a new approach to an intenser artistry.

So he depicted you mythologically, as Ganamede, Hylas, and

Kalain---naked (comfortably, perhaps even eagerly---so he

hoped)---against a background of images from deep

outer space, the province of the stars whose fused elements the

beauty of your flesh contains in order to express and convey the

beauty of your soul.  In that very private room of his

studio, you felt safe, accepted, and desired, such that the

physical manifestation of your own desire rose without regard to

societal inhibitions, restrictions and exclusions.

This process even released a droplet, a foretaste, of your

inherent nectar, that his ever alert camera recorded on film---

so attentive he was to every detail associated with you.

Then, at the end of the session, you asked him to pause, and to

watch you, for just a few moments, as---before his shocked but

delighted gaze---you drew on to your slender, shapely and

cleanshaven legs, a pair of fawn-gray, "stay-up" stockings,

flawlessly translucent except at the opacity of the doubly woven

reinforcements that ensheathed your toes with their polished nails.

Your nakedness thus nuanced, you offered him the intimacy of

your flesh, which, almost disbelieving, he accepted with the

humblest of gratitude.  At the peak of mutual pleasure, the

sevenfold surges occurred almost similtaneously, followed by the

full release, this time, of your sweetness; then of his, with the

streaks of his ardor fully disclosed upon the sheerness of your stockings.


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