+ 27.225 MHz 401: On Acts 11:26; Cristnogaeth

Modern mankind devised the practice of denomination.

But we, believing upon Christ, and redeemed in the great congregation,

should glory in the word, Christian, our souls' chief exultation.

The privilege to bear His Name deserves all celebration,

unlimited and unbounded jubilation,

without surcease or delay of hesitation.

Let it be the centerpiece of each conversation;

let it illumine us in the glow of spiritual delectation;

to share it should be the sole motivation

of all our efforts toward evangelization.


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Presented in a form that

Presented in a form that demands skill, this celebration of the dawn of organized Christianity evokes a sense of regal and sublime festivity. Since a shepherd rejoices over even one sheep brought back to the fold, certainly there's reason for "unlimited and unbounded jubilation" over the multitudes that pour through the gates. A joy to read and comment on. 

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Thank you so very much.  The

Thank you so very much.  The poems in this series are not "planned" or "outlined" in the way I have written my other poems.  They just show up and insist upon being writtten and posted.  Thank you for being so supportive of this process and its results, I sure do appreciate your kindness.

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.


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When that happens you know

When that happens you know you've reached poetic Nirvana. Wonderful work, my gifted friend.