+ 27.225 MHz 370: Verses After Gwenallt's Poem, "Corff Crist"

He left His splendid Glory to accept full incarnation

into our life and flesh, during thirty-three years' duration;

like to us, but without sin, He fulfilled His Ministry,

and given Words, in crucified torment on Calvary.

His death conquered our deaths, just as His perfect purity

became the balm that healed the ravafes---the malady---

that had infected both the best and worst humanity,

and all of us between.  The Good News of His Resurrection

redeemed our hope to focus on new Heavenly direction.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Gwenallt, whose mundane name was David James Jones, was a Welsh Poet and scholar, but, more importantly, a Christian of profound faith and devotion.  On the night when the worst flu I had ever experienced (to date) had spiked to its peak, Christmas Eve of 1968. Gwenallt passed away.  Since learning of that, I have felt a certain kinship with him for thatr night that we, in some way, shared in our respective afflictions.  I look forward to meeting him in Heaven.

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