On 27.025 MHz: On The Attitude Of NeilaNa, A Scribbler On Mars, 1

"It sits on a reeking pile of its own waste, in the ancient, and now dessicated,

canals, its several mandibular orifices drooling a most corrosive venom toward

any that it deems different or even disagreeable."

---Taphless Gibler, The Martian's Slimey Grip; The Annals Of The Canals


"Comrade Lenin set the prime, and most laudable, example of the

proper use of propoganda as a poetic ruse:  neither peasantry

nor proletariat are psychogically advanced enough to receive the

vital material and historical truths of the Marxist perspective:

they must be cajoled into it by the verbal manipulations of the

vanguard Party, or at the explosive end of a pistol, rifle, or cannon:

the use of either, in the strruggle to establish Soviet Society, have

been proven equally acceptable and equally effective."

---Strelokovian Pivovarnya, Reply To The Letters Of Celestin VI,

Bishop of Rome (rendered from the Dutch translation of the

Russian original by Zeph Zuilderzee)


The most abrupt and disrespectful of styles

deflates and indignifies your harsh, shrill diction,

in the covered crates and loose-leaf piles

of the pages of your repetitious fiction.

With many mouths that chatter, but no listening ears,

you are more subversive than at first appears:

you turn a falsified motive to play the trick

perfected by Lenin, that damnable Bolshevik.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

When random browsing brought me to the material, quoted above, by Taphless Gibler and Strelokovian Pivovarnya, I immediately thought of an attention-whore who, while expecting to be treated as a ladylike personage, treated most people with a venomous contempt, shrilly and shrewdly turning all conversations to an attempt to seek further validation in order to fill her immeasurable spiritual emptiness.  Giving her a Martian presence seemed appropriate.

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The personification of nails

The personification of nails across a chalkboard. Your acrobatics of language to bring the dragon lady to life was astonishing: "With many mouths that chatter, but no listening ears." Now that's a new circle of hell! 


An impressive read. 

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Thank you.  Despite the

Thank you.  Despite the current knowledge of Mars, I am nostalgic for the old science fiction depictions of it, in the stories I read, and films watched, when I was a kid.  This poem is a throwback to that.  


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