@ 27.105 MHz: Cecco's Tale

"'Omnia vincent Amor . . .'"

---Vergil, Eclogues, X


The artist asked me, that night, to undress---

not partly but to total nakedness:

to tease him, I made that a slow process.

He started to paint after I had drawn

the massive borrowed wings around my frame;

nor felt exploited, or burdened with shame.

A line from Vergil's early poetry

inspired the concept:  it was frontally

posed, nothing very strenous.  But yes,

the stance spread my legs.  I had shaved down there

(nothing against my ginger pubic hair;

I just happened to think---a passing whim---

that some occasional variety

might seem seductive, in its way, to him).

After a while, he said, "Time for a break."

And I, still nude, and quite bestirred to make

love with him, put sheer, silken stockings on.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The speaker is Cecco Del Caravaggio, believed to be the model for M. M. Da Caravaggio's painting, "Omnia Vincent Amor."

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