To An Intrusive Neighbor, Who Delivers Advice Without Invitation

You cannot refrain from neighborly intrusion

to deliver, on any question, your next thought

about it---being devout to your delusion

that your opinion is valued, or even sought.


Unread, uninformed, you fail to complete your prep:

just one more schlemiel with a pile of schlock to schlep.




Crawl back beneath the nearest rodk; slither, therein, on your belly;

while I smear Russian dressing on my Reuben at the deli.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

We respect our neighbors on this suburban street where our residence is located; but a couple of them are just a little too forward with their advice and opinions.  Since I cannot address this to their faces, lest Lady Certainly take offense, I address here--where they would never visit or browse.

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