@ 27.105 MHz: Inscription On A Sundial, For Sundial And His Lover, Gnomon

Over the sundial, the gnomon pulses with anticipation

of that moment of time when Love's unthwarted intimation

delivers the most exquisite delectation

(achieved at the peak of exponential increase)

of the lavender flower's nectar in the surge of release.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sundial, whose chose to sign his poems with that appellation rather than his mundane name, was a ranking local civil servant who served, if I recall correctly, as an administrator in his county's water department.  His chapbooks, although out of print, are obtainable; although the search for them can be arduous, but also most rewarding.  Much of his poems' exquisitely erotic content was inspired by, and dedicated to, his younger lover, on whom he bestowed the appellation, Gnomon.

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