@ 27.105 MHz: He Took His Shoes Off In The Foyer

Diversionary explanations,

social camouflage---even mimicry---

even the use of "beards" (likely

not as frequent now as in the past):

strategically protect affectionate and eager

coupling from the thuggery of prejudiced haters;

perhaps, also, an altruistic gesture to

old prudes from the shock of truth they cannot

suppress, or from far too strenuous efforts---

too spiritually and psychically strenous---to

deny to or withhold acceptance from those

lovers who have not sought or solicited it;

lovers intent only upon the expression of

exquisite feelings or the satisfaction of

intimate desires deployed across their bodies.


Extracurricular study sessions are commonplace;

but this one was, at least, a novelty---to your

parents, and to certain negatively interested parties---if

not an outright anomaly, its subtle defiance of the

rigid restrictions imposed by high school's expectations was

orchestrated quite cleverly, considering, by two

inexperienced adolescents who had only recently

discovered they wanted---no!, they needed---to

synchronize their lives to their feelings together.

Once admitted into your home, he paused in the

foyer to remove his shoes---a gesture of courtesy that

mightily impressed your parents so much that they

overlooked the white dressed shirt he was wearing,

untucked into the waistband of his too baggy, too faded

jeans; and especially the whisps of hair that covered and

fell below his collar---a style quite inappropriate for the

captain of the varsity track team, but tolerated for his

athletic prowess.  His slenderness sugested the

agility with which he had broken and reset district

records; a muscularity that did not distort his body's

shape with bulges or brawn.  Politely, if aloofly,

they admit him into their home, directing him to the

room ("top of the stairs, then a sharp right") in which

you wait, as anticipation courses through your flesh.

They have assumed he has come to be tutored in some

difficult subject, and you are content to let them

rely upon their assumptions to explain the fact of his

presence; but, no, this session---this first of what will be

(I must not hesitate to offer this spoiler) many

ostensible meetings, many intensely enjoyable

encounters---is to explore, together, a rather rare (and,

hitherto, difficult to obtain) volume of homogenous

erotic poetry, a Musa Puerilis written by the mononymous

poet, Sundial, mostly about his lover, Gnomon.  And as

you and your guest read---quietly, of course, not to be

overheard---the Poet's lines, a closeness is achieved

between you, physical and emotional, as shirts are

unbuttoned and the flaps parted; as two pairs of lips and

two inquisitive tongues converge in the press and swirl of

unspoken communication; as the warmth and softness of

his stripey socks (unusual choice for a varsity athlete)

envelop and caress your pale bare feet.  Directed by the

poems, the instinctive need and desire that you both

have experienced become a kind of penetralia in which the

travesties of imposed identities---dumb jock and brainy nerd---

fall away like shattered shells from the emergence, the

comvergence, of this romantic and robust coupling's commencement.



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