@ 27.105 MHz: The Former Seventh Grader Came To Some Awareness [Mature Content]

We touched, as if in exploration,

those parts of our bodies we had bared;

and our flesh returned the sensation

of a new, and compulsive, delectation;

that together we had shared.


The judgemental question of society

would have taken the form, "Why have you dared

"defy the common inhibition;

"how have you escaped our imposition

"of it---one of our choicest laws?

"Why have you flaunted your perversity

"to what end, and from what cause?"


For this---for Love, delightedly, eagerly, pleasured:

how can that be, and by what standard, measured?

We never bothered (and too busy to have cared)

to analyze it into some kind of equation;

nor sought to know its origin

(which, you have decided, already, is sin)

or its ultimate destination.


I think you prefer the shudder of your self-righteous shocks,

and with innate arrogance, you avert your gaze and refuse

to hear, but I will say on:  imagine, in the most bucolic of scenes,

my lover walking toward me with the shimmering, summery light

behind him; intent to come toward me, having left his shirt and shoes

elsewhere; clad only in his baggy, faded, bell-bottom jeans

and (beneath those frayed flared cuffs, not quite concealed) midnight blue socks.

He summons all time and the cosmos to surround this moment and place.

And I, unworthy of his affection, fall gladly into his tender embrace.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

In that era and in that small town, the ability to articulate such individualized emotion and experience did not exist.  I have tried to declare it here, on behalf of the awkward, cowardly, and controllable nerd that I was at that stage of my life.  Certain restrictions were imposed to separate me from my friend, although we were able to find ways to circumvent them; but, eventually, a final parting followed.  But, soon, Cerulean entered the absence which ached in my life, and, although I could not know it, the summer of 1976 would, at last, arrive to compensate me for the imposed deprivations of 1971.

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