@ 27.105 MHz: Slender Song For A Sultry Summer Evening [Repost]

[after Jacques Prevert's poem, "Alicante"]


Before much of the twilight's colorful glow was gone,

almost all of the clothes involved had tumbled to the floor;

though he asked his boy friend to keep those blue socks on:

among the many pleasures that weekend night had in store---

fragrance, and softness, and warmth, along with so much more.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem was inspired by an encounter with Cerulean on a Friday night in July, 1976:  the 16th, 23rd, or 30th (I cannot recall the exact date), although only his shoes and shirt reached the floor (while, for the first and not the last time, he seemed rather proud of his blue socks); and by the Prevert poem cited supra; and a bit of fictive imagining.  I had posted a more "camouflaged" version of this poem earlier today; but that, I have realized, was as flagrant reversion to the cowardice that prevented me from being totally candid toward Cerulean during our exquisite summer---a failure of nerve that I have, since, never failed to regret.  I will not repeat that foolishness now.

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