@ 27.105 MHz: Alexandrians---Before The (Very) Private Rehearsal

Our natural response to each other must

transfer, effortlessly, to that storied stage

when we enact the roles---composed for us by

the Poets there---for their, and the subscribers',

entertained pleasure.


Lesser performers may not be so engaged;

but the Poets have bestowed upon us the

elite privilege and vocation of the

living embodiment of their words in scenes

those words vivify.


You shall be Kalain and I, Orpheus---

beautiful lovers.  At our first encounter,

with which the comedy begins, we should be

very glad to meet each other, very glad

indeed to provide


verisimilitude--the absence of which

can be a flaw like wormholes in fine fabric

or thick streaks of foul and stinking mould upon

an expensive loaf of bread.  Even upon

an overcast day,


a gnomon stands erect over its sundial,

and lavender buds bloom into flowers that

readily release the sweetnesses of their

nectars, eagerly harvested by those who

appreciate them.



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