@ 27.055 MHz: BlueShift; Words To BlueLevels, 3, At This Late Stage [Mature Content]

You know how very long I have waited to

express the truths I should have told you too long

ago; but hesitated---unashamed to

love you, but ashamed to tell you because of

silly restrictions


imposed by prejudiced haters and old prudes

upon us, but outside us to make a fuss

about our affectionate coupling and the

expression of our souls' love by the pleasures

our bodies desired.


Imagine two kittens, today, at love-play:

those feathered "emo" hair styles; torso-clinging

mesh tees; baggy jeans and baggy cargo pants;

the one barefoot, the other's feet sheathed in socks---

stripey and fragrant.


Their lips and tongues spoke a language all their own;

their hands and fingers performed all its gestures

(without regard to silly inhibitions);

wet kisses and eager caresses will surge

over their bodies


to give embodiment to emotions

that will bring their souls to achieved intimacy,

when gnomons rise erect upon sundials and

lavender buds blossom into the fullness

of nectar's release . . .



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I rarely write poems for a political or polemical interest; or for a practical interest (except those that share my faith with others); but I wrote this poem for those who, being afflicted (or even punished) by societal inhibitions or even tyrants' despotic restrictions, are unable to give expression to their romantic feelings; as Cerulean and I were, in the same way, prohibited by the social prejudices of the time of our adolescence.  A poem like this would have helped us; I hope that it will help others who may need it.

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