+ 27.225 MHz 329: LXXVI; Confession Of A Spiritual Error; Response to Proverbs 25:2, Et Al

My search for a formal, complex liturgy

was driven by an bitter, personal,

obsession that was both heretical

and in no way Christian or spiritual.

Rather, reactive to clodhoppery,

it was a rank and foul idolatry,

a whoredom not fit even for a slattern.

One of God's works on earth is to conceal

that which He gives to us to seek and find;

and having found it, gladly, to reveal

it to our brethren (who may pay it mind,

or not):  this is part of human vocation.

Christ has revealed the perfect worship's pattern:

in His Old Testament---the Psalmody;

in His New Testament---the Revelation.

The purpose is to bring Eternity

into each prayer and every conversation

(beyond the reach of worldly aggravation):

worship of Christ, our final destination;

worship of Christ, our chiefest exultation.


Thus, Lord, I pray to make declaration

in service to the common salvation,

in the presence of the great congregation.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Proverbs 25:2, Hebrews 8:5 and 11:21; Exodus 25:40.  The Psalms gives several instances of worshipful activity, and Revelation (which occurs, as the Apostle Saint John tells us in the first chapter, on the Lord's Day) ptovides us the texts of several hymns and praises---with the distinct implication that these are not confined to any point in time, but occur forever.  


At this late stage in my life, with my health severely afflicted and my expectation of life-span more truncated now than I had thought it would be, the reality of Eternity looms before me.  Since 2012 or so, I have become quite discontent with fundamentalist Christian worship---which the poems refers to as "clodhoppery."  But this focus on the failure of fundamentalist worship, indicative of a greater failure of understanding the cosmic implication of Scripture and the indescribable grandeur of our God, focuses my attention on the earthly; while I should be, and hope to be (going forward), focusing on the Heavenward.

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