@ 27.105 MHz: Commencing The Von Gloeden Confiscations In 1933

Such photographs like this we confiscate;

according to Il Duce's stern command.

He knows what sort of men become elated

by this; and those who fully understand,

the kind of love that is its chief depiction

will not uplift devotion to the State

above exquisite pleasures of the soul

expressed by bodies---naked, beautiful---

like these. erotically appreciated,

much sought.  Il Duce knows he must control

such deviance.  This kind of love, as fact,

mocks at the pretense of the State, the fiction

Il Duce has rebuilt for us that gives

the corporate purpose by which each lives.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mussolini's fascists confiscated the original plates of most of Wilhelm's Von Gloeden's homogenous photographs.  Few of them survived.  Despite the fascist interpretation and condemnation of them, the court declined to consider them pornographic.

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