@ 27.055 MHz: T'Kelet; Mastaba Of Khnumhotep And Niankhnum At Saqqara

A paradox: out of this monument to death,
Life still speaks, though in a quieter voice,
about a love as rare as breath,|
a love that was more than some mere choice:
love innate in them, by their human nature
despite the prune-prudes', and haters', nomenclature.
To Heaven, then, I think these two were led
by Christ after He had preached, to the dead,
His Gospel---Love's gracious and sure salvation
by which all who believe on Him avoid damnation
(even each hater and shrieking old prune-prude:
in His light, even such a bitter attitude
can be relieved, transformed and, thereby, renewed).




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Brilliantly woven and

Brilliantly woven and luminous with the hope of our victory over judgement. Your reflections on the scope of Divine love—God's free gift extended even to the "shrieking old prune-prude"—showed the highest level of spiritual evolution. A spire of Truth that reaches high and inspires deeply. 

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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the comment.  Your understanding has helped me so much.


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