+ 27.225 MHz 005: Friday Night, July (Date Unknown), 1974 [Repost]

Past midnight, I was summoned from my bed

by that smooth, gentle voice that causes no dread.

With no thought of objection, I just put

myself out there, stepping outdoors barefoot

(my parents would hear too soon with dismay---

typical for the usual little they had to say).

Beneath my bare feet, the rough-surfaced driveway;

I stood and stared:  locals, the moon and mars,

gave way to the beauty of the gathered stars:

each one glowing in its appointed place;

and, apportioned between them, all time and space.

Just as the Lord once showed Moses a tree,

He showed this vision (even) unto me---

the image, given astronomically:

of the Fellowship of the Mystery,

the joy of the common Salvation

among the redeemed of the great congregation.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I cannot remember the exact date, except that it was a Friday, past midnight, in July, 1974.  I heard a voice, gentle but very different than any other I had heard, tell me to get up from my bed and step outside.  I believe several minutes must have transpired, but the perspective I had of the stars did not seem to be "far away" but more like they were very close, almost reachable.  I was very aware of the sense of awe that had come over me.  My parents, waking on hearing the front door creak open, were much dismayed to find me outside, in the driveway, staring into outer space.  Their abrupt demand to "get inside" immediately disturbed the experience.  When interrogated about it at breakfast the next morning, I chose not to disclose the meaning (rather, what part of the meaning I could then, at the age of sixteen, discern).

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This affected me greatly in

This affected me greatly in ways I refuse to reveal. The power in this event, the experience and the instant pull i had to read this is beyond a natural event. A blessing beyond what is conceived or even understood yet known. I know you will make sense of this. Its that kind of knowing. That when one is rambling speaking in some other tongue the other us understood by some mystic wave of translation placed deep in the heart opening the door with a unique key by which one can touch the very ether of your soul. 

Best blessings Ss xx

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ยก$&am

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Thank you for this very

Thank you for this very astute, and very moving, comment; which I will most certainly cherish.  You definitely understand both the poem and the meaning of the event (especially the part that cannot be put into words) that inspired the poem.  I thank you, gratefully and humblt, for your visit and for your comment.


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