+ 27.225 MHz 234: Imagine What Martyred Early Christians Might Say

Although in lurid Nero's gardens, we were burned

to death, in his great hatred we discerned

a sort of grudging, even hysterical, admiration,

emerging from his innate desperation

even the frustration

of the knowledge of his eventual damnation;

and from God, his ultimate, irrevocable separation.



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I don't practice a religion

I don't practice a religion and am certainly not schalory by any means but I do recognize artistic talent and brevity. This represents both Smile

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Thank you for your comment

Thank you for your comment and the kind compliment.  In my "salad" days, I majored in History, with an emphasis on the early Christians.  Poems like this one are about all I have left of that major, since I did not pursue (for lack of funding) a superior degree (I had at one time wanted to teach collegiately, but went into banking instead).  But writing these poems are more fun than doing academic research, so I am most content with that.

   May I say that such a kind compliment from you is a very high compliment indeed, and being on a poem that is rather dear to my heart (as the early Christians are all dear to my heart, and bring the pastel colors of Easter to my mind), your comment is doubly special and precious to me.  Thank you for making my day.


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