At The Site Of The Death Of Maxim Gorky [After Arkadi Vaksberg's Research]

Lenin's life reached the end of perfidy

there:  Gorky's launch into eternity
and, I suspected, a well-damned destiny).

Both deaths rose from Stalin's manipulation:

who once was shoeless Poet, Soselo

(that was a life he claimed that he despised,

a memory that he had Bolshevised,

at Lenin's wish, several decades ago),

he might have felt some small appreciation

for this justice, like Russian Poetry;


himself, a soul rife with contamination

of which he once learned in theology

in seminary of the Orthodox,

before his faith shipwrecked on Marxist rocks.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based upon Vaksberg's monograph, The Murder Of Maxim Gorky:  A Secret Execution.  I have not had the opportunity to read the research in full, only digests of it; but, to my mind, it makes sense.  Vaksberg has suggested Stalin's involvement in, and recognition of, the poetic irony; I have added the presence of Soselo, the poetic appellation used by the young Joseph Stalin when is personality was far, far different than what he emerged into aduthood to be.

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