Hobbyist's Ambition

I want to take up watercolor painting---

sincerely, without some mere poseur's feinting.

I have no talent for direct depiction

in what, I guess, they call the graphic arts.

I think more toward verses of fact or fiction

and not the slogged seep from "woe is me" hearts.

Thornin Myside, my foe in long dispute---

a Trojan horse's drop, disguised as weasel---

will not be able to play prude or cute

or clodhopping hayseed upon my easel.

My wholes will be less than sums of their parts.

Ammons (A. R.) painted just to relax;

I learn from him, and great work he has done;

so I will waterpaint for weekend fun.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The twelfth line refers to the great Poet, A. R. Ammons, who, late in life, took up waterpainting as a relaxation from his academic duties and from poetry.  His work has been displayed in exhibitions in art museums.

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