Extract From A Letter Unproven To Be From H. P, Lovecraft, To A Clerk Called Ash Pyle Smithy

I have lately delved into an old groimoire---quite obscure;

translation titled as Recursivist NonSequitur.

It speaks about a cosmic, entropic thing called VastVoid,

that dwells along the shadowed edge of ultimate Perdition;

and whose mindless minions subvert our language through attrition

and error so that it will be ruined, silenced and destroyed---

to be eschewed by most of us, like words of Greece and Rome;

or like the skills required to craft a properly form;ed poem.

Is that our English's sad and subverted destination,

to be a dying ember, or a last, sputtering spark?

What can be worse than that?  I will construct a simile

about it---like (so I am told, by some) Lord Dunsany

composed . . . an alternate, less terrifying, parody

of such horrific prospects, and, perhaps, an easier,

reading, not quite as ghastly as the grim discomfiture

one feels in reading through Reconjugate Nonsequitur.

I used Count Retsnom von Suoedih's Latinate translation,

prefaced, and with a long afterward, by Ranul Ezarc.

I will close now---and start this work without delay or sloth,

beginning with that foul abomination, Azahoth.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The original letter, from which I have transcribed this into verse, can be found in the Rare Manuscripts Collection of the Library of Cacophonic Univeristy in the principality of Alyrica.  I dearly hope this has not infringed on the rights of the imputed author, or the letter's recepient, or the institution where the document is preserved for the perusal of competent, qualified, and degreed scholars.

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