His Spray Against The Wall

Out of his impotent jealousy,

he accuses some other of insanity---

because they dared to disagree

with, or question, his authority,

or object to his intrusions---

one of the chiefest of his illusions---

that his assertions and conclusions

are always desired and invited.

Lacking that, he feels quite slighted.

Without poetry's essentials,

or preparation's credentials,

or knowledge of the Canon's precedents,

he believes that his piss-bitter word

wholly deserves to be heard

(every one of his shrillsounding vents)

and to be acknowledged in full.

He is much like some dog's stinking turd

that lurks to smear some unsuspecting sole.

And all of his vaunted vanity

is founded on rank inanity---

collapsing on sinking sand,

to the echo of words he will never command.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title and line 13:  cf. 1 Samuel 25:22.

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