Extract From A Grimoire Of Mis-Spells And Bad Grammar; Invocation Of The NotRube

You are a shambles from the rough edge of Perdition,

a bearer of the VastVoid's Entropy of slow attrition.

Your mutterings, relentless in their slogged attenuations,

are merely the preambles to your loud screams in damnation's

Lake Fire.  Meanwhile, you try to distance or postpone that time

by violating every precept of measure or rhyme;

for you despise skilled art and always seek to obdure

the WoeIsMe told in Reconjugate NonSequitur.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The invocation to NotRube, as recorded in the grimoire, Reconjugate NonSequitur contains several names, or concepts, that will appear elsewhere in the grimoire's text, which is said to have been transcribed from a lost original manuscript by  Count Retsnom von Souedih, with a preface and afterward by his follower, Ranul Ezarc (and next to nothing is known about either).  The version I have consulted is a translation by a seventeenth century Puritan scholar of old books, who is known to posterity only by the initials Q.V., which was often printed, on his original editions, as q.v., a scholarly Latin abbreviation.  We know, for sure, that the initials did not represent his mundane name; but that he adopted the use of the abbreviation's initialized form in imitation of his teacher, Adam Steuart, who signed his own writings as "A.S.".  Q.V. or, more properly, q.v., justified his translation's publication with the assertion that such shadowy terrors should be brought into the light of day and scholarship, where they will be revealed as shams or shambles, written for, and of use only to, shammers and shamblers.


According to the grimoire, the presiding spirit of the realm and process of Entropy is known, among human beings, as VastVoid, and dwells at the edge of Perdition, into which he/it will be eventually cast.  WoeIsMe is another process that leads to Entropy that VastVoid disseminates from its dwelling at the edge of Perdition, and is often scattered about our world by VastVoid's devoted servant, NotRube.  (Other than Perdition and Entropy, these terms are the translations of von Suoedih.)


Count Retsnom von Suoedih, in his preliminary transcript, suggested that the worship of VastVoid and Entropy was the principle religion practiced among the Cities of the Plain, chiefly Zeboim, as well as the other four cities allied in that confederation; as described in Gensis; and Ezekiel 16:49-50 describes the sin, and probably the religious practice, of those cities.


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