No Foe Like An Old Foe

An old foe who lacks all knowledge

of canon that is taught in a college,

derives a few facts from a documentary

that he watched, the other night, on cable t.v.

He then convinces himself, persuasively,

that he possesses a sharp and evidentiary

understanding of ancient history.


God spare us---in merciful clemency---

from that old foe's attempts at theology.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem is fictive, but was inspired by some thoughts toward a person whose acquaintance I wish I had never, ever made.

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To each their own, dear poet.

To each their own, dear poet. Just let be what is and continue your life hopefully in peace and with a joyous heart.  Blessings..


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Thank you.  Unfortunately,

Thank you.  Unfortunately, the person who inspired the poem was, at least at the time I knew him, unable to abide by that same courtesy.  His almost fanatical enthusiasm for the then very dictatorial college administration, and his clumsy attempts to propagandize for them, made for very unpleasant dinner conversation.


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