+ 27.225 MHz 166: LXXVI; John 8:44, Revelation 20:10, Genesis 3:1-7, And Ephesians 1:3, 2:6

The father of all lies, the Greatest Liar,

is destined for damnation in Lake Fire;

he who has made such efforts to deceive

since he attacked our first ancestors, Eve

and Adam with his subtle perfidy,

and led them, through confusion, to aspire

to taste the fruit of God's forbidden tree.

The devil strives to sow, amoung us, doubt

toward Christ's Word, and what Grace is all about.

But Christ's Love saved me; in Him I am sealed,

and cling to all the Gospel has revealed.

And though I am assailed by pride and lust,
yet I shall have attained the Heavenly--

not by works but because in Christ I trust.





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