Choral Prologue From The Play, "The Grimoire, 'Scythe In Fury'"

We set our scene in the cosmic city, Coerulescence;

where, upon the high plane of a massive pavillion,

on pylons supported by stars, and shimmering in irridescence,

lovers and their friends regale in romantic jubilation;

until the intrusion of the Grimoirist's shadowed presence.

Driven by hatred's conniptions, the sign of his own damnation,

he slips, serpentine, among them; and there deploys

his sordid strategems against two particularly beautiful boys,

whom the Grimoirist desires to slay (such is his perfidy)

as a sacrifice in the ritual of his infernal foundation

of the city he dreams, Scythopolis, which he will raise

and rule until that time he dreads, the unpostponed end of days;

and he means to reign in fear, and slaughter, and inhuman monstrosity.

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The scene opens with a

The scene opens with a majestic description and some sublime imagery (love those pylons supported by stars) and then the drama, the gripping cloud of terror, descends and tyranny replaces freedom. Heart-rending and powerful work. 

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Thank you for that comment. 

Thank you for that comment.  The pylons had been in my mind since 1990 or so, and I just never had a chance to describe them.  Thank you for understanding my intention in the poem.


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