Footnote: A Problem In Democracy

This problem always plagues democracy:

if human speech is really, truly free,

it does not offer the least guarantee

that converse will sound just like poetry,

or be conveyed with grammar's artistry;

but may promote betrayers' perfidy,

or some clodhoppers' rank stupidity
(out of senescent unreality;

the wishful thinking of the wannabe)

or some connivers' hot, damned destiny.




Their lack confirms the need for courtesy,

and for profound and spiritual sympathy.



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or some clodhoppers' rank stupidity.  A day on Facebook.  Nicely penned and veiled declaration of problems with having a conversation on ones idea of Freedom, Freedom is being used to much these days as a weapon, evoking one's right to freedom to revoke someone else's.  We are meant to be United, indivisible.

Good poem.


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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the read, and for that kind compliment.  Much appreciated . . .


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