+ 27.225 MHz 126: July 10th, 2020

Matthew and Francis, please tell me, for you both know---

how should I ignore that haters' hatred

of what I hold dear or poetic,

and what I revere as spiritually sacred?
How shall I write the kind of poetry

that shall not promote them personally;

not them or their thoughts, so frantic and frenetic.

Tell me, Francis and Matthew, from high Heaven,

where your beautiful souls bask in stellar glow:

against the haters' tripled six, declare your seven.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Disclaimation in anticipation of the insinuation of an accusation made out of frustration:  some of my characters are entirely fictive, and any resemblance to persons living, dead, or spiritually dead is entirely coincidental and unintentional.  But if some reader, through misinterpretation feels some identification with the evocation's characterization, even that would be considered, in its way, a compliment.

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