+ 27.225 MHz 085: Prayer That Contradicts The Schwartzchild Radius

Father, we ask to
love our enemies and not
categorically reject them;
as your Son, Jesus, did when He
walked the Earth in ministry;



and despite the personal temptation,
we ask that you preserve the Holy Gospel
against our clumsy reiterations,
especially those made from pejudice.


We ask that you strengthen us to minister
to the so-called wicked because, from their like,
your Son's first Apostles were called to serve,
to lead many others to the churches' verve.



We know any vomiting that must be done
will be Christ's---to spew the lukewarm Christians
out of his mouth and out of the Church for good.



Help us to bind and cast out all evil conditions---
while leaving the spirits behind them to
Your wisdom to dispose of them in Your right timing.



Help us, also, to remember that those who do not know You
are as we once were: help us not to distance them for that,
nor pretend that any merit of ours received your Grace;
for while we were yet enemies, Your Son died for us.



Lastly, help us to understand, Lord, we are not the Minor Prophets,
and are not called to threaten unbelievers with the Judgement of Hell,

but to tell them Christ's good news of Salvation.

And help us to remember that those who most vociferously summon
Hell upon others (those who are different, those who do not believe)

are in danger of summoning it on to themselves first and foremost.


. . . with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.
---Matthew 7:2



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