+ 27.225 MHz 084: For Those Who Criticize What They Know Not

The Faith exists independently of those who unfold it:
The Faith should not be judged by the failure of those whol hold it.

An old, senescent, and often besotted man,
full of attenuated sentences hardly can
pss judgement on the Faith in which he has no part;

but that never occurs to his dessicated heart.

Before the Cosmos, his words are only a flash in some pan.



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"The faith exists

"The faith exists independently of those who unfold it" —so wise! This is an excellent commentary on how unqualified we are to judge. The last line is certainly something for us to meditate on and remember.


Here's wisdom that could change the world if only more people practiced it. 

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Thank you.  I have in my PM's

Thank you.  I have in my PM's a couple of messages from a person who seems to judge the Faith by my practice of it.  The objection, presented in those messages, was that my poetry should not attempt some of its subjects, despite the precedent of the Song of Solomon.  I almost bought into the objection until I noticed the fallacy.  But I think it still needs to be stated that only the members of an institution can fully judge it.  At college, I disliked some of the behaviors of the fraternity/sorority system; but, since they had do not personal harm to me, nor disrupted my life there in any way, I could not possibly have had grounds of fairness to judge them.  I hope that makes sense.  Anyhow, thank you for the comment; your insights always amaze me.


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