+ 27.225 MHz 078: Credo

This failing body and its weakened heart

or not all of me.  In my time and space,

You, Savior, gave me a most precious part---

a soul redeemed by Your unfailing Grace.

For my redemption, You came here to die

(though some would criticize and some deny
that real salvation ever could apply
to stumbling chiefs of sinners---such as I

am---but on Your Word You said to rely).
And through the glory of Your Resurrection,

I know my small soul's ultimate direction;
and I know, from Your written Revelation

(of which great multitudes have read or heard)

that, through Your promise, I proceed Starward.

And let me spend joyful eternity

devout in praise, and let my poetry

sing Your magnficent cosmology.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some lines of this poem are based upon the Gospel of John; Ephesians and 2nd Timothy; and Revelation.  I leave it to the reader to find the specific verses.

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