Some Nice Day While Browsing

Sardines in mustard, canned


Oysters in oil, canned


Pickles in vinegar, jarred


Corned beef, packaged


Hard boiled eggs, in brine


Toilet paper, in short supply


Knee-high nylons, with reinforced toes


New handles, for old hoes . . .


And if you do not like or need an item,

if it does not serve your preferences or styles,

well, buy God's grace, you do not have to buy them,

or even sashay down their well-marked aisles.

And if you do not like what we provide,

go shop somewhere on some other side.
Your own participation is rather slight,

whether just before noon, or just before midnight.



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georgeschaefer's picture

sounds like a pandemic

sounds like a pandemic survival tale?

Starward's picture

Well, that would be a valid

Well, that would be a valid interpretation, but it is more about flamers---especially those who express an adverse dislike, but keep checking back in like a guilty pleasure.


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