+ 27.225 MHz 065: After His Grand Entrance

His rejection of God's sovereignty failed to

exempt him from the final Judgement.

His unwavering disbelief in Hell was not

accommodated when he was cast into it.


His many years of railing condemnation
against all of the issues he deemed disagreeable,

had not been acclaimed, or even entered, in the Book of Life.

The words, "I never knew you" echoed in his ears

for a long time while the lake of fire engulfed him.

Even the comfort of companionship was absent there:

anyone there believes no others are there.

The searing pain of the burn was relentless,

and yet he would never be consumed by, or freed of, it;

the nerves he had shattered against all that he hated

had been fine-tuned to magnify the pain beyond all measure.

He tried to comfort himself with his memories---

but these were now peopled, in his mind,

by skeletons in jackboots; laughing skeletons in jackboots.

The sound of someone else never intruded

on the echoes of his maniacal screams

that reverberated through the tides of fire.


God had not asked his permission, nor his opinion, for the site's design---

which lacked even a venue for his irrascible comments.

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