+ 27.225 MHz 066: Unlike Vergil, Nero Stoops To Doggerel

We can condemn 'em, we can crucify 'em;

and as for what rights?---Rome can deny 'em.

But, dammit, we cannot pierce their mysteries,

even when we spy on their consistories.

This "Chrestus" accepts the failures, the broken;

but to us, Rome's finest, no promise is spoken.

Their moral failures---by Rome's morality---

cannot be judged by their own theology.

Even that one, who calls himself the chief

of sinners I cannot bring down to grief

by judging him by his declared belief.

The measures that his quoted words proclain,

he says, cannot be used to bring him shame.


Into the Church I shall not be admitted:

and that brings me no consequent distress---

For I'll be damned if I am that dimwitted:

I am the only god that I confess.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The term "Chrestus" was a Roman misunderstanding, documented in Suetonius' life of Nero.  Paul descriped himself as the chief of sinners in the first chapter of 1 Timothy. 

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