Poem For Ellis [Pen Name Of Lev Kobylinsky]

A single Party to replace one czar---

well, they were used to such a government.

The hope, for change, was in the real intent---

did light, or shadow, come with the Red Star?

Did it exist to help the people's lives?

Or would it bring long nights of murderous knives---

like Caesar bleeding on the Senate floor?

Lenin's motive was settling an old score.

Unlike '05, this form of revolution

sought to attain a far different conclusion:

such that, the old, monstrous bureaucracy

(against which the late Czar had been inept)

emerged out of the wreckage, and has kept

the people in Terror relentlessly.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have wanted to write a poem like this since November 1976.

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