Vintage Words


Paltry candle as a

measly offering or a

stick of incense

so trivial and trifling.



I am sure the worshiper

is sincere, even if

the practice is rote.

Even if miserably small

amounts of time are

spent living holy

instructions. Living takes

precedence in the day

to day. I get that.


Is prayer or bending the knee

insignificant? For the moment,

there is solace probably. It is

for me when I pray, usually

walking around, fist to the sky,

or sitting on the side of the bed

apologetic for the ranting.


How can a form of praise

be worthless? “Peace be unto

you,” is a Muslim salutation.

Christ’s followers say, “God

be with you.” I think we

sometimes forget that part.







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MilMan's picture


Yes I go to church and worship to be with the people but I prefer to be to myself

because it's between God and me and nobody else. Nice one Star.  MilMan. 

allets's picture

Happy Easter!


Alone or in fellowship, the prayer is heard I believe. Be well, MilMan and God bless. ~allets~


         He Arose




Lady A


bishu's picture

Much appreciated Respected worthy Star

None of your words are wrong....... ~you peacefriend BM~



allets's picture

Dear Peacefriend

Faith is for everyone, practice of religion is not up for interpretation - be well, I am your writer of unwrong words :D ~slc~


Lady A