I Ain't Gonna

Vintage Words


ain't gonna write no more

whassapoint?  nobody listens

nobody changes, nobody's ego

is interested and mine has

better things to do than waste

time on anything that is not

totally and absolutely me. so,

i ain't gonna write no more!


i ain't gonna sing, smile, dance,

or be cheerful neither. wassapoint?

the sky will not be bluer or the day

greener. flowers will come grow

be picked die and be trashed.

so why sing about it?


i ain't gonna live, breathe, think

no more too. whassapoint? did

someone reinvent a wheel because

they read a poem or took

inspiration from prose in short

story format? naw. it was just

a dream somebody wished on me

so long ago i can't remember

their face. so, i ain't gonna.

wassa point?








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ranting to unlink the creeping darkness from the fingers :D  - slc

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Morningglory's picture


Oh how many times the headspace can go there. I quit writing years ago. And a week ago. And today. 

I don't know how I missed this one, Lady A. 

Copyright © morningglory

allets's picture

I Quite Writing

and started living, then realized writing was better. :D slc

Lady A


bishu's picture

Starry wordfriend......

You spoke my words in a beautifully artistic manner...  Starry and lamenty indeed ~A scibbler across daynight sky~



allets's picture

U Can't Stop

and neither can I. I remember the face plain as day, mentor, poet, published, sitting in the wings promoting me. yeah. I have to write or die. U 2. Yr wordwielder from the big mitten, Michigan. U.S.A.

Lady A


AngryLaughter's picture

To quote The Rascals...

“Well baby, I ain't gonna eat out my heart anymore!"


allets's picture

Oldies Rock!

I love the Rascal aka The Little Rascals - Thanks for the reading of me stuff - U Rock! ~slc~


Lady A


word_man's picture


sounds like a great song to me

ron parrish

allets's picture


Maybe I may take a stab at lyrics, but I am not one for rhymes. Maybe if I write the rhyme scheme first - or don't rhyme - just need a catchy title and some ear capturing lines. Nina Simone sang "ain't got no mind" from Hair. Naw - too much work. I aint gonna :D ~thanks for stopping at Allet's place for a visit. slc



Lady A