You don't need charisma to fix the world

you dont need it to fix anything. 

Brutal honesty and a swift action 

jostles the feathers but all know where we stand.

change is unnerving, uncomfortable but what else is there

when it^s situation untenable? 

There is no power with out threat or promise

and both hardly materialise.

So pull your big boots on 

stand straight and get ready to bend 

sometimes you've gotta draw the line 

pick a side to stand on and give it a good try!

you'll never know if you can change anything

if you can't take a chance at all.

ruffle some feathers and place them right 

a Phoenix always rises bright 

day or night 

makes for a magnificent sight 

but never with out great sacrifice.

thoughts are held captive by the prettiest of bars 

and even with the cage unlocked.


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