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This is where I will keep her beautiful works when I catch them so that when she flies away I will not miss her (as much) for example: 

On the ledges of thy sweet

On the ledges of thy sweet loving face

Beauttiful Moon beam kisses softly glow

I peek in the shadows with tender grace

And my love for thee just seems to flow


My soul emits this love beyond compare

It glows comes from thine sweet kissed reflection

I can not help myself I calmly do stare

the ledges of thy face, such perfection


Thy shadows call out to me so tender

They want to seduce me to thy sweet side

Oh darling to my darkness surrender

and I shall take thee for A joyous ride


So I kisseth thy moon beams on thy face

While thy shadows seduce me with such grace

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4 On the ledges of thy sweet by dove 5 239 2013/12/07 7 years ago