Nobel Laureates And Other Scientists In The Vaccine Truth Movement



 Winners of at least 5 Nobel prizes in biochemistry,  the inventor of Moderna's vaccine, and many others
disagree with CDC, FDA, NIH, private profiteering
vaccine companies and others pushing vaccines,
vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates.

1. Dr Luc Montagnier, Nobel laureate for discovery of HIV, has said the vaccines are causing the variants. This has been verified by the highest vaccinating countries including Israel, Portugal and Singapore, all over 80% vaccinated, whose hospitals are full of vaccinated people with covid.

2. Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the toxic mRNA vaccines, who says the CDC is hiding the very serious side effects of vaccines and recommends avoiding them.
3. Robert F Kennedy Jr. who has won over 500 lawsuits against GE, Monsanto Bayer, HHS, the Navy. Robert Kennedy's lawsuits have forced the government to remove mercury from pediatric vaccines but it remains in flu shots. RFK Jr is one of many revealing that Fauci is a vaccine profiteer with scores of patents, four of the Moderna vaccine. Kennedy reported that half of the World Health Organization budget is paid for by big pharma and therefore corrupted. His website reports pediatrician studies that unvaccinated children are healthier than the vaccinated. His hour long discussion with Alan Dershowitz is a video available on the internet.

In 2017, Donald Trump made RFK Jr chair of a commission to review vaccine safety. He had won a lawsuit against HHS after proving that no monitoring of vaccine safety had been conducted for over 32 yrs. Pfizer got wind of the new commission,  gave Trump 1 million dollars
and vaccine safety was cancelled.

4. Dr Rand Paul, eye surgeon, Libertarian, son of famed physician and antiwar presidential candidate Ron Paul, has several times publicly questioned A. Fauci about
his role as the author of the pandemic. President Obama ended weaponizing of viruses (euphemistically called 'gain of function' research in 2014. Fauci singlehandedly continued his decades long role as big pharma's errand boy
funneling 46 million $ of US tax $ to the Chinese Wuhan Lab through the group EcoHealth while he worked with a North Carolina military lab as well. Dr Paul has said Fauci as the creator of the pandemic is responsible for 4 million deaths. Others cite Fauci's inflicting of pain in nonsense research as he supervised vivisection of caged animals and kept NIH in obsolete methods when nonviolent, faster, cheaper, more accurate research methods have been available. Dr Paul's
Senate hearing questionings of Fauci are available on, etc. They happened in March, on May 11 and in July of 2021.
5. Dr Kary Mullis, Nobel winner as inventor of the PCR test, said it should never be used for any presence of cornavirus. He invited Fauci to debate him. Fauci refused. Mullis said Fauci is an administrator, not a true scientist. Dr Mullis died in November of 2019. Was he silenced?
His statements were about all coronaviruses, including covid19. He died as it was being released. When Mullis left the co. in which he worked, he was given $10,000. The company has made hundreds of millions? on his invention.

6. Attorney Thomas Renz ( from a whistleblower received data from the CMS Medicare

Tracking Service, the nation's largest health data base. The service studied those over 80 who had died within 14 days of a vaccine and those under 80

who had died within 14 day. The two groups together numbered over 48,000 deaths and do

not include those who died months or years after from covid19 vaccine side effects. In addition the

tracking service found that those hospitals following the Fauci protocol of remdesivir had lost

25% of them to death

7. Dr Michael Yeadon, retired VP of Pfizer, who petitioned the EU health authorities to withdraw the vaccine, saying it damages the placenta.
8. German doctor Wolfgang Wodarg working with Dr Yeadon.
9. Vegans and vegetarians around the globe, as well as Hindus, Muslims, Orthodox Jews who object to vaccine fats derived from cows and pigs, as well as ingredients from the brain cells of African green monkeys, sharks, horseshoe crabs, developed on chickens' eggs, Even the innocent fragile firefly which does nothing but shine its winking light to the world, is de-winged and killed for luciferase (name for its lightemitting biochemical, derived from the Latin for 'bearer of light').
In 1976 Gerald Ford, perhaps acting for big pharma, declared peremptorially that all Americans would be vaccinated for swine flu. A number of guillain barre cases (which can cause death) occurred,and the program was cancelled after 1/4 of the US was vaccinated. During WW2, those men in Asia forcibly given Japanese encephalitis vaccines in some cases developed 107 degree temperatures. Studies indicated a link between the vaccine and subsequenAt Parkinson's.
11. Dr Judy Mikovits spoke of Ft Detrick which weaponized ebola to attack Africans.. She was bullied by Fauci
who seizes the work of subordinates and patents it as his own. The video is her account of the "Plandemic".

12. Demokratischer Widerstand a German publication reports that 23,000 German physicians

will no longer cooperate with giving vaccines to others.

13. Andrew Wakefield, 1 of 57 scientists and physicians opposed to covid vaccines.

14. Dr Linus Pauling who added 6 elements to the periodic table, who discovered the helix shape of DNA molecules which hastened the DNA discovery of Watson, Crick and Franklin, is called the father of molecular biology, the father of genetic chemistry, etc. He said flu could be cured by

Vitamin C. Pauling is one of 4 Nobel winners to be given two Nobels. His were in biochemistry and peace.  He wrote books on Vitamin C as a cure for cancer, for mental illness, for flu and colds.

15 Two top FDA staff involved in vaccine research and administration, Dr Marion Gruber and Dr Philip

Krause have given resignation notices. They wrote to the British medical journal Lancet that boosters are not a good idea. They are upset that the CDC has continued to grab power illegally.

16. The US Medicare Tracking System reported by George Fareed:
Data from the Medicare Tracking System reveals that 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the C19 VAX.  28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within fourteen days of receiving the C19 VAX. 48,465 total dead. The actual numbers are much greater.

MLB homerun king Hank Aaron who died 17 days after the vaccine, people who die months after

from vaccine complications, those who die subsequently from cancer due to the swollen lymph glands which the Mayo Clinic says are one side effect.
'Thanks to a whistleblower who came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System.' 'Let's see them 'factcheck' this!'

17.  India is 13% vaccinated. It had a big outbreak of covid. People who tested positive were given a $2.65 kit

which contained ivermectin, zinc, and I believe doxycycline. Now Uttar Pradesh has had no new cases. Meanwhile Israel, Portugal, and Singapore, all with over 80% vaccination rates, are all experiencing new outbreaks of covid and a majority

of the hospital patients are vaccinated.

18. Pearce Wright, London Times science editor reported May 11, 1987 the 17 countries receiving the most WHO
smallpox matched in exact! sequence (odds zillions to 1) those which subsequently developed the most aids.
(Smallpox is cowpox or kine pox spread by eating
animal flesh. It will always remanifest as long as people are eating cowflesh.)

During WW2, those men in Asia forcibly given Japanese encephalitis vaccines in some cases developed 107 degree temperatures. Studies indicated a link between the vaccine and subsequent Parkinson's. Now as a result of the vaccine

mandate under which those in US military who do not take the vaccine are dishonorably discharged, soldiers are manifesting myocarditis and pericarditis, inflammation of the heart and other arteries. This is harming the strength of

the military.


Dr David Baltimore, Nobel winner, said analysis of covid19 indicates it was developed in a laboratory


Doctors For Covid Ethics

22. Thank you Senator Ron Johnson who held a forum in Milwaukee about adverse effects of the covid vaccines. May Senator Johnson also have Senate hearings and constituent forums on the agony of dairy cows and the hazards of human consumption of their milk.

23. Group collecting negative side effects of vaccines

24. British Medical Jnl criticizes Pfizer on a whole

 list of violations 


25.  The US is first in the world in forcing vaccines on babies under 1 year, and also first in the industrialized world in infant mortality. There is a definite correlation, as one of the side effects of pediatric vaccines is some deaths.

26. Albert Bourla is CEO of Pfizer, a company which was fined 2.3 billion dollars in 2009
for falsification of test data, international bribery, marketing of illegal drugs, etc Pfizer
was also fined a piddling 75 million $ for testing Nigerian children without the knowledge
or consent of their parents. There were deaths and injuries. In 2021 Pfizer ran an
ad suggesting that children who get the vaccine are superheroes, with super powers,
reminiscent of the chlldren when Superman was on tv who died trying to fly from rooftops.
Bourla has received, he said, the help of the FBI and CIA io identify members of the vaccine
truth movement whom he wants jailed. He himself, he said in a tv interview, has not had
the vaccine (he knows it's not safe?) Donald Trump offered Robert F Kennedy Jr the job of heading a vaccine information office. Pfizer got wind of it, gave Trump 1 million, and RFK's job was cancelled.  The vaccine court was started by
Republicans. It grants immunity to vaccine makers whose products cause death or injury.
The Court takes only a tiny percentage of the cases and gives only small amounts of money
to the few who are awarded.  
Pfizer has grown into the world's largest

pharmaceutical as well as vaccine company through gobbling up several
smaller companies. Many are calling for Pfizer's breakup. Pfizer through an
unethical use of eminent domain forced hundreds out of lifetime homes on
Long Island Sound, bulldozed their homes, and then left the property
a wasteland for many years before abandoning the project. Thousands of
lawsuits have been filed against the company for lethal reactions to many
different drugs. Pfizer had at last count 72 lobbyists on Capitol Hill. As
was said earlier, Pfizer's vaccine causes placenta destruction, according
to former VP of Pfizer, now retired, Dr Michael Yeadon.



500,000 African girls sterilized without their

knowledge or consent by alleged tetanus vaccines.

28 Kenyan children paralyzed by vaccination
Kenya Citizen TV    2015


Who are the vaccine pushers? CNN, CSpan, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, all of which except CSpan profiteer from ads for vaccines and other lethal drugs. Vaccines for shingles, whooping cough, meningitis Gardasil and flu are frequent over the public's airwaves. Federal agencies NIH, CDC and FDA are linked to big pharma.


Many Objections To Vaccines:
1. The vaccines have caused 48,000 deaths in the US according to
the nation's largest health data collation at Medicare Tracking System.
2. tests give false positives 3. like ebola they were weaponized 4. side effects
are lethal 5. pricegouging of big pharma 6. vaccines derived from vivisection torture 7. vaccines (current ones) contain ingredients of seven species, human fetal cells, African green monkey cells, lipids from cows and pigs, chickens' eggs (culture mediums), horseshoe crabs, shark squalene. Other vaccines have included
cells from monkey kidneys, dog kidneys, mouse brains, armyworms. In addition at least 5 species were killed in research: hamsters, rabbits, mice, rats, and monkeys. 8. big pharma making a bid permanently to override legislatures 9. best cures are simple and least expensive, no patents, no vivisection 10. the vaccines cause the variants, says Nobel laureate HIV discoverer Dr Luc Montagnier.


Mayo Clinic, VAERS, NIH and other tabulating sources for this partial list of 200 or more reported categorie of reactions to covid19 vaccinations

Updated list of covid19 side effects from Mayo Clinic, VAERS, CDC, NIH,
and several other negative side effects reporting websites:


babies born dead
Behcet's syndrome
Bell's palsy
bleeding internally (leaky blood vessels)
bladder lack of control
blood blisters
blood clots
blood platelets too low  9
blood pressure too high
breast milk causing nursing baby death
breathing difficulty
breath cessation or suffocation 
cancerous tumors
confusion, delirium
digestive enzyme amylase: dangerous elevation 3    18
digestive enzyme lipase: dangerous elevation 3
eye floaters large
eye closing difficulty
eyes blackened or periorbital ecchymosis from tiny vessels bleeding into
   skin under eyes
falls from dizziness
fetal deaths second trimester
fever dangerously high  27
Guillain Barre
hair loss
heart attacks
Henoch-Schonlein purpura
    which is inflammation of small blood vessels
immune system assault

infections from disabling immune system
inflammation throughout body
iron overload  36
leg pain severe
leg swelling
legs: walking difficulty
lung capacity reduced
lymph nodes swollen
menstruation changed
migraine persistence
muscle spasms  45
myocarditis (inflammation of heart)
nausea extreme
newborns of vaccinated mothers dying
   2 to 3 days after birth of bleeding in lungs

pain of fibromyalgia throughout body
pancreatitis acute
placenta harmed  54
reactions to 269 drugs 


sensitivity to light and sound (painful leve)
sperm destroyed
stomach pain peristence
strokes caused by lipase increases, blood pressure, increases or leaking brain arteries

sudden deaths
tardive dyskinesia or constant shaking
vaccination generated autoimmune neuropathy 63

vaccine generated covid 19
veins, deep vein thrombosis
vision blurred
weakness 68 



Xenotransplantation contamination from vaccine ingredients including nerve cells from African green monkeys, cow and pig lipids, serums etc., chicken eggs used
to culture vaccines, horseshoe crabs, sharks' squalene, human fetal tissue while the vaccines were tested through

the deaths of rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats, and monkeys.


A vaccine adverse event reporting website reported Behcet's syndrome as a vaccine side effect. Twitter member posted that after the vax he got Behcet's syndrome, a vascular-inflammatory disease  It affects many organs and systems. reports Pfizer vaccine interacts with 269 drugs.  Haas Pfizer tested any of these interactions in its rush to develop new profit sources?  A third reported 'iron overload' from the vaccine.Footnotes and links:
1 Cancers reulting from swollen lymph nodes take much longer to
manifest generally
2 Dr Luc Montagnier, Nobel laureate who discovered HIV, has stated that
the vaccinations are causing the variants. This has been demonstrated in Israel, Portugal and other countries with the highest vaccine percentages and high
outbreaks of variant of covid.
3 Amylase breaks down starches. Lipase breaks down fats. Elevations of
these 2 digestive enzymes can cause heart attacks, strokes, diabetes,
and pancreatitis
4 Because covid vaccines raise the lipids in blood stream, they cause strokes,
embolisms, aneurisms, heart attacks, and from blocked penile arteries
they cause impotence.
Mayo Clinic partial list of covid vaccination side effects
Even NIH reports acute pancreatitis a possible risk in covid vaccinations
VAERS reporting site for vaccine adverse events
Side effects of covid vaccinations
Dangerous elevation of amylase levels (digestive enzyme which breaks down
starches): an effect of covid vaccination
Dangerous elevation of lipase levels (digestive enzyme breaking down fats)
an effect of covid vaccination
a covid vaccination paralysis story
Confusion, delirium and covid vaccination
The 2 links below
have threads in which people report their side effects. The vaccinated who have died are still listed in the percentages of vaccinated.
Diarrhea: most common in Pfizer vaccine Nausea more common with Moderna
and Johnson and Johnson vaccinations



Facebook, Google, CSpan, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Time: some of the censors of vaccine truth are censoring the words of Winners of at least 5 Nobel prizes in biochemistry,  the inventor of Moderna's vaccine, and many others.



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