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Melbourne, Australia

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I am a teacher, student, life-long learner, curiosity-satisfier, artist, musician, researcher, leader and a confident risk-taker. In short, I am a creative artist who loves learning!

I am known as Sachiko or Mochi amongst my friends and as SachikoMochiko across the internet. I am also a dedicated musician hoping to make a difference! My FORMER passions are architecture, choreography and industrial designing. This was until dancing lead me into the strong passion I have for music today.

My works orbits around influencing other peoples’ emotions, past experience and questions. Whether it is my stories, research papers, poems, paintings or songs, - they can impact the audiences’ emotions, make them relate and satisfy their curiosity altogether! I strive to inspire and open opportunities for other artist/musicians, peers and the less fortunate.

When I’m not in “my music studio” (my room haha) or rehearsing in a music room, you might find me frantically typing (e..g. blogging, doing assignments) on my Mac, dancing (man, I love dancing!), reading, playing video games (usually action, science-fiction and fantasy), watching my favourite TV series (including anime) or teaching other people the things I have learnt or proficient at! I also like drawing, photography and martial arts (especially kick-boxing).

I strongly value the motivational force of others, team collaboration, efforts for improvement, my “failures” (I merely see ‘failures’ as just another opportunity to learn) and mistakes, my love of learning and faith in others.

About My Navel

It's like a trap for sweat, grime and air;

The bootyful plumpness of your jolly belly

So smooth...

So soft...

But suddenly, a rubber ring presents its flaws

As beautiful your skin may be

Your navel...O' that damned navel!

Hides the devil within...odour waiting to unleash it reign

And unknown substances,

From the jelly from your beach party

To the Earthly soil, where our body belongs

Or mere build-up between the tiny, dark folds


This is why the navel represents us

In Ma's womb;

your navel is a door for you to receive energy

Without it? Ye ain't gonna be here!

Just like us,

All of us hides a devil within...a trap

No matter what mask you put on'

to keep you sane

There is a navel-evil within

No matter how full of goodies you are (plumpness hehe)

There is a trap in you...

*You should just probably wash it haha...XD

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I play the piano (circa 6-7 years haha, as for 2017), guitar (rock, pop and classical- two years now), bass guitar (usually blues, jazz and ragtime-for nearly one year), ukulele (pop-half a year), recorder (meh...), vocals (I'm alright...not very confident though), percussion (NOT the drum kit though!!!), clarinet (folk, pop-classical etc/ for around three years now) and I can compose/songwrite, transpose and arrange music (usually rock or symphony...I am confident in composing classical and jazz but not rock so much and I am pretty decent at poetry.) I have been in a professional commitment rock band and a casual wind symphony. I listen from trance, techno, house and dubstep to pop, rock, metal and classical...


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