@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; What They Are Saying---In The Boats---On The Lake

[for SweetLeaf]

He went right along to the work, with the rest of them:  he was

the owner's son, after all, although he seemed a little too

delicate, a little too tender and clumsy, and all that long, silky

hair in the way (our local Rabbi's demands for a trim unheeded).

Always walking around barefoot, even when sandals were appropriate or

required, and rather defiant of the neighbors' expectations of

conformity:  at thirteen years old, he believed that Solomon's Song

had been written by David for Jonathan, until the redactor, Solomon,

published his redacted version.  Yes, you can tell when someone is "that

way,", and a subversive, tooo.  We knocked him around a bit---nothing real

rough, and that is how you straighten out flimsy meadowflowers like him;

even his father, Zebedee, understood the necessity of a little roughhouse.

But then that carpenter from Nazareth (who was said, by many to have a

way with words) came among us and looked askance at our bullying.  He

even called young John, among others, to follow him as one of his

disciples:  right, an adolescent pretty boy among those burly toughs. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by Mikhail Kuzmin's poem, "Muse."

The last line is meant to sound like my voice no longer imitating the voice of the poem's speaker, but communicating in my own words.

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I've been extra busy

I've been extra busy nowadays, but I had to stop by and see your latest brainstorm. What a superior nod to another superior poet! I loved the historical concept intertwined with a compassionate social conscience. Certainly the One Who delivered the soul-altering sermon on the mount would reach out a loving hand to the oppressed and show the speaker a far better way.


The voice shift was a wry and clever way to have the last word, and it showcases your versatility as well. 


A whimsical lesson in acceptance. So Ad Astra!

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Thank you very much, and

Thank you very much, and please forgive me for not replying more timely.  This has been a rough couple of days with my health issues.  

As always, you understand exactly what this poem is meant to convey, and why; and for that, I am very grateful.  To receive comments from a Poet of your accomplishment, especially comments that validate the intention of the poem, is a high privilege indeed.  And your comments make the poems more accessible.  

Starward in process of becoming J-Called

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Sending prayers for your

Sending prayers for your health and wellbeing. God bless you, bringer of hope and artist of words. You make a differenc. 

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Thank you for the prayers and

Thank you for the prayers and the complimentary words.  Monday morning will bring me to another procedure, but it should not prove to be difficult.

Starward in process of becoming J-Called