@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; After The Varsity Game, Late That Friday Night

Those long, soft curls that cascaded from under his

helmet now spread over the pillow beneath his

head, as he sprawls out beside you on your bed,

both of you naked except for his long white socks.  The

game was particularly strenuous for him tonight---and the

opposition seemed strategically defiant, ultimately

defeated only in the last period's last few moments, and

requiring a supreme effort---the point spread definitely

much different than the night's expectation.  Now he

relaxes into the restorative comfort of your embrace, no

longer as awkward as it once now, now that his body and

yours have become so eagerly accustomed to each other.

Directed concentration allows him to clear every

distraction from his mind, and every lingering echo of

stress from his flesh---so that your carefully

orchestrated but no less erotically seductive sequence of

kisses, tongue swirls and caresses, deliver all over him---

without the least regard to old prudes' prejudiced 

inhibitions---so that the instinctively steady rhythm of

arm and elbow, with the gentle clasp thumb, fore- and

middle fingers ("Yes, right over that little notch, oh,

"right there!") bring him to the very summit of the peak of

pleasure.  There the sevenfold surge begins, drawing from

his core a generous quantity of confected sweetness that

he will release to you, and in the climactic emotion that

gathers around and encloses this supremely intimate moment,

both of you feel your souls converge in jubilant Love.



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patriciajj's picture

De-stressing in true Ad Astra

De-stressing in true Ad Astra fashion. A ravishing yet tender idyll in the sanctum where the inner selves, not just bodies, merge in freedom. Gorgeous. 

S74rw4rd's picture

Thank you very much.  I hope

Thank you very much.  I hope this one gives expression to a hope that many, too shy or made to feel (by outside bullying or prejudice) too different, have silently entertained but dared not express.

Starward in process of becoming J-Called